"Alone  we  can  do  so  little,  together  we  can  do  so much."

meet the crew

Angie Vine

owner & CEO

Hi! I'm Angie, the owner of The Nitpicky Home, wife to Chris (aka Mr. Chris) and mom to two young kiddos, Huxley (5) + Cora (3) and two dogs, Max + Lucy.


Being a busy mom myself (that's an understatement) I completely understand why most all households need an extra set of hands these days. There's just no time in the day to get things like cleaning or especially organizing and decluttering done. I know when I am home with my kiddos, the last thing I want to do is waste that precious time cleaning. Okay, maybe not the last thing because I do really enjoy cleaning but I cherish living my life with my family and friends more! Life should be more about the people in it, actually living it, making memories, creating bonds and treasuring the time we have on this Earth, not just about surviving the day to day and making ends meet.


I love what I do because I get to give the gift of time back to my clients and their families. I get to give them freedom to do the things they love to do and I get to clean, uninterrupted, from start to finish. *angel's singing* I get to clean, organizing and design beautiful homes for beautiful families and give them the opportunities to make memories together instead of the kiddos just watching mom clean like a maniac all weekend. How great is that!?!

I am super passionate about cleaning, organizing and design but what I'm more passionate about is improving the quality of life for my clients. Giving them a beautifully designed, clean and organized oasis to come home to, to share with the ones they love.

Chris Vine

owner's personal assistant & crew trainer

Hi, I'm Mr. Chris, Angie's husband and father to our two amazing little ones, Huxley + Cora. Before I talk about myself, let me tell you a little about my wife.


She is the hardest working and the best mom that I know. She would do anything for her clients, including things that would cause a big sacrifice on her end. There's no limit to what this wonderful woman can do! When she lights her passion and sets her heart on something, there's no stopping her. I know she will do great things and The Nitpicky Home will become very well known in the Milwaukee and Waukesha County area, with other locations to come in the future.


When you meet her, you will see how she is a ray of light that brightens any room she walks into. Her passion is captivating and immediately evident. I can guarantee you this, you will not find another cleaner, organizer or designer who puts everything into their work, like my wife does. You will not find another company who cares more about satisfying their clients. That is why I do all that I can to help her grow her business.

I use my 23+ years of business management experience to help guide her in the right direction. I help Angie with training new hires and work with them on improving and honing in on their skills. I use my acquired people skills to act as an HR medium for the company. Angie and I bounce ideas for growth and improvement off of each other. We work well together to create a well rounded leadership team. I help with everything I can from actual cleaning to helping mix products so Angie can focus on you!

Looking  for dependable,  hard- working  cleaners  +  organizers 

TNC is in search of honest, dependable, passionate, driven employees who have impeccable work ethic and high standards. We need people who are able to handle my nitpicky ways, manage their own timing and not take things personally when I want something done better or faster for our clients. There are plenty of ways to make some extra cash outside of cleaning hours and room for advancement by helping with operational tasks. It's not easy money but I promise you, when you see how much we help our clients, it's worth it!

If you think you have what it takes to be Nitpicky, please text me @ 262.894.7446

With  Love,



our services

We offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of all our clients. Here, we do not do the standard cookie cutter design, cleaning or organizational services. We completely customize each service to the household we have the honor of serving. 


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The Nitpicky Home Collective is a team of dedicated professionals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin who specialize in creating beautiful interiors by offering organizing, cleaning and design services. Our team is passionately committed to doing whatever it takes to help you shift from "overstressed" to "overjoyed" by using our 3-step method to clarify, align and design your home. 



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