We can organize just about anything you'd like, whether it's a simple drawer or a whole closet system installation and makeover. We do it all! 

Having an organized home decreases stress and even anxiety. Your home should be a place of relaxation, where you go to spend time doing what you love. Not a cause of stress! Life gets away from us and there are things that are more important than cleaning and organizing but it is still an important factor of your mental health. Let me help you! 

The shopping, planning, blueprinting, designing and returning of unused items is all included in the hourly rate. You are only billed for the time we spend at your house.

Billed in 4 hour increments

Minimum: 4 hours (cannot be combined)



Your bathroom should feel like an oasis, let's make it happen.

Scandinavian interior design of playroom


Watch your playroom transform into a space where your child's imagination can go wild.

Clothes Hangers


Let your closet showcase your clothes and your personality.

Modern Interior


Make your office a clutter free and beautiful space that you actually want to work in.

Spices in Jars


All your dry goods will be easily accessible with custom labels.

Dreaming of Homemaking _  Laundry Room R


The entry to your home will be warm and inviting without the mess of shoes everywhere..

the process


1 hour

We always start any new relationship with a thorough consultation. We will discuss your needs, wants and concerns as well as your end goal, how much involvement you want to have in the process and your organizing style. This will help us grasp an understanding for what it takes to complete the project. We will discuss how many sessions it will take for completing the project and set a realistic budget for containers and decor. After the consultation we will schedule your organizing session(s) and begin the prep work to clear the space and get rid of any unwanted items.


Payments for all sessions are due at the time of scheduling your first appointment, to hold your spot and ensure the the project is done to completion. You are responsible for paying for additional sessions if needed. I give an estimate as to how many sessions I think we will need... not an exact quote. Canceling or rescheduling your appointment within 3 days will result in a fee of 50% of scheduled session timing. If less than 36 hours notice is given, the fee is set at 100% of the scheduled time because I will no longer be able to fill in that opening in our books. 

prep work

1+ hours

The amount of time it takes to prep will be determined by the size of the project and how much involvement you want us to have. We start by removing everything from the space, everything! Then we divide the items into five (or seven) groups: Keep, Toss, Sell, Donate + Relocate (plus File + Shred when applicable). I can help you get started with this process, do it all for you (with consent to toss and donate items that I see fit) or you can have at it, all on your own. I can even help you with the selling process for a 30% fee or sale price. 

First, we start by relocating any items that are being kept in the home, just in a new space. I will take care of donating any items to charity and dispose of smaller items or arrange disposal of larger items (additional charges apply). Now we categorize everything in the Keep Boxes based upon where they will be placed in the space and their functionality. 


After items have been categorized, donated and disposed of, then The Nitpicky Cleaner begin the fun job of putting everything into bins + containers and finding their new home.

the fun part... organizing

minimum of 4 hours

I take care of purchasing all the items needed for organizing and return any unused items, however you will still be responsible for the expense. I do not charge my hourly rate for shopping and returning of items needed or any of hours spent researching the best solutions for your space, the designing or blueprinting, that's on the house!!


I will completely take over at this point as it's easier to work alone with my team since we have a blueprint for where everything should go back with an overall design approach in mind. You will come home to a beautifully organized space that is practical and functional. I always coach my clients on how to keep things organized but there's no shame in needing a touch up to keep the space looking great! I've added a touch up service to accommodate past clients who's spaces have already been organized by us and just need a little refresher. This service holds a 3 hour minimum monthly unless otherwise agreed upon.

a  note  from  Angie

There is nothing quite like having an organized home, everything in your whole life seems to fall into place once things in your home have their own place. There is a sense of relief and a weight lifted like no other. Relationships will be better, your stress level will greatly reduced and you will feel at peace.


I always advise my clients on tips to keep up their space so you don't go right back to where you came from. I highly recommend reading Marie Kondo's books Spark Joy and The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up if you are truly interested in tidying up your home and your life for good. This is a serious process that takes commitment, time and can be emotionally draining during the prep phase. It can be hard to know what items to let go of, I can be there right by your side to help you decide and give you my personal & professional opinion. 

I am here to help in any way that I possibly can. We will do small projects from drawers in a desk, to larger projects like designing, furnishing and organizing a playroom from scratch. If it is in a home and can be organized, we will do it as long as the 4 hour minimum is paid for.

I am happy you're making this commitment to making your life better and cannot wait to start the process with you! I am seriously so proud of you for asking for help and your willingness to let go of things you've held onto for years. It's a big decision to make but I promise it's the right one and you will be thrilled with the end result or we will fix it until it's right for you.





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