starting @ $75/hr

We can organize just about anything you'd like, whether it's a simple drawer or a whole closet system installation and makeover. We do it all! 

Having an organized home decreases stress and anxiety. Your home should be a place of relaxation, where you go to spend time doing what you love. Not a cause of stress! Life gets away from us and there are moments when it's time to bring in another set of eyes to look at the project differently. Let me help you! 

Packages starting at 12 hours



Your bathroom should feel like an oasis, let's make it happen.

Scandinavian interior design of playroom


Watch your playroom transform into a space where your child's imagination can go wild.

Clothes Hangers


Let your closet showcase your clothes and your personality.

Modern Interior


Make your office a clutter free and beautiful space that you actually want to work in.

Spices in Jars


All your dry goods will be easily accessible with custom labels.

Dreaming of Homemaking _  Laundry Room R


The entry to your home will be warm and inviting without the mess of shoes everywhere..

our services

home decluttering

tackle years of accumulated clutter through your home and finally achieve the calm, clean and inviting feeling you've been looking for!

small business organizing

gain productivity by having your home office or small business decluttered and reorganized to achieve intuitive solutions and simple, proactive systems


We'll help you throughout the complete downsizing and relocating process so you can enjoy this new season of life.

unpacking + organizing

Let our team of professional organizers take on the task of unpacking, organizing and putting away the items in your home, office or classroom the right way, after a move.

a  note  from  Angie

There is nothing quite like having an organized home, everything in your whole life seems to fall into place once things in your home have their own place. There is a sense of relief and a weight lifted like no other. Relationships will be better, your stress level will greatly reduced and you will feel at peace.

I am happy you're making this commitment to making your life better and cannot wait to start the process with you! I am seriously so proud of you for asking for help and your willingness to let go of things you've held onto for years. It's a big decision to make but I promise it's the right one and you will be thrilled with the end results!





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The Nitpicky Home Collective is a team of dedicated professionals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin who specialize in creating beautiful interiors by offering organizing, cleaning and design services. Our team is passionately committed to doing whatever it takes to help you shift from "overstressed" to "overjoyed" by using our 3-step method to clarify, align and design your home. 



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