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My Favorite Organizing Products Series : Part 1 - Kitchen

Today I am starting the first post in a 10-part series of My Favorite Organizing Products. Yes 10 parts!! We will go through every area of the home in this series. Here is the order we will be going in:

1) Kitchen

2) Pantry, Fridge + Freezer

3) Bathroom

4) Laundry Room + Mudroom

5) Closet (Clothing)

6) Linen + Utility Closets

7) Playroom

8) Office

9) Basement

10) Garage

I am excited to share these products with you and inspire you to organize along with me. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask. I am always here to help! Let's skip the small talk and jump right in!

K I T C H E N.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, it is sooooo important to have it organized to keep your family and your life in order. I will share my favorite products + tips to keep your drawers + cabinets decluttered. We will discuss the pantry in the next post in the series.

Let’s start with the upper cabinets, working through to the lowers, then drawers, under the sink and finally a tip for everywhere in the kitchen.

U P P E R S.

Normally you store cups, plates + other dishes in the upper cabinets. To maximize space, the following are the products I recommend.

Stackable Shelves from Ikea - $5.99 -$6.99

They have two sizes and I love that they have a solid top (with a cute design) so things don't tip or fall through slats. The price is also great! They are very solid and won't collapse on you. Some assembly is required, but it's only 8 screws per shelf, I believe. I actually only used 4 of the screws because I'm too impatient to do all 8 and it's been holding up just fine!

Undershelf Baskets from The Container Store - $6.99 - $8.99

These are great for storing things like short cups, coffee mugs, towels, placemats and more. They just slide onto the existing shelf and hang below it, no drilling necessary.

Freestanding Water Bottle Storage from Amazon - $29.99 - $39.99/set

I absolutely love these stackable water bottle storage racks. You can store so many in a small space and still see exactly what you have. I also love that they are clear! I always gravitate toward clear or white for plastic bins. I think they look cleaner, much nicer and more organized than colored options.

Undershelf Stemware Rack from The Container Store - $9.99

Keep your stemware organized and avoid tipping with these under shelf racks.

Acacia 3 Tier Spice Rack at Target - $20.99

I absolutely love this spice rack! Not only is it beautiful to look at and easy on the eye, but it can store a number of small things. I personally use it to store my essential oils but it's intention is for spices. We will explore other options in the pantry post that are more budget friendly and ones that can store canned goods.

Professional Slide Out Spice Rack at Target - $32.99

This spice rack is perfect if you have a limited amount of space or if you just want to put a few spices, that you use most often, near the stove.

Pull-Down Spice Rack from The Container Store - $19.99

Another great option for spices is a pull down spice rack, in the cabinet right next to the stove. You'll have easy access to many spices and the three tier design helps you see exactly what's what. The pull down feature allows you to reach items in the back without knocking everything else down.

Clear Storage Bins from The Container Store - $12.99 - $24.99 /ea

The bins from iDesign are my go to bins when it comes to the fridge, pantry, drawers or cabinets, basically I think they're the best thing ever. They have lines of bins designed for many different areas, so check to see which line will fit your needs after measuring your space and considering the items you would like to place in them.

Food Wrap Cabinet Organization from I Heart Organizing

This DIY idea was too good not to add in here! Using simple, flexible metal command hooks and wooden dowels you can free up some space in the drawers or pantry shelves. Click on the link or on the photo for her original post and more details.

L O W E R S.

The lower cabinets usually hold things like pots and pans, baking trays, mixing bowls, Tupperware and small appliances. Let's explore options to keep your lower cabinets nice and tidy.

Pull Out Drawer Storage from The Container Store - $44.99 - $59.99

These pull out drawers make reaching things in the back of the cabinet a breeze! I find them especially useful for glass pyrex dishes and small appliances such as blenders and toasters.

Pull-Out Cookware Organizer at

Target - $138.99

These organizers are every chef's (and organizer's) dream. They also make them in larger widths to accommodate wider cabinets.

Hanging Pots + Pans Organizer from Woodworker Express - $57.75

This hanging cabinet organizer will keep your pots and pans organized and easily accessible.

It comes with 7 removable hooks so you can use just the amount that you need.

4 - Sort Wire Dividers from The Container Store - $4.99-$5.99/ea

I love using these for baking sheets and cutting boards, you can also find pull out ones (here) if you want to splurge.

Tupperware Lid Organizer from Bed Bath & Beyond - $14.99

Never lose a lid again, with this handy lid organizer. Find the large version here.

Over the Cabinet Organizer at Target - $14.99

I'm normally not a fan of putting over the door things anywhere because you can see the hooks when the door is shut. However, this over-the-cabinet-door organizer has a towel bar on the outside and a basket on the inside. It's made of attractive white metal and a wooden rod. It's perfect for the cabinet under the sink. Use the basket to store your favorite natural household cleaners.

D R A W E R S.

Kitchen drawers can house all kinds of things; from silverware to junk drawers, we have all of your organizational needs covered.

Peg Drawer Organizer on Amazon - $49.73 - $68.00

These peg board drawer organizers are a genius way to keep things organized, especially in larger drawers. They're on my wish list so if anyone wants to buy me a birthday gift, my birthday is June 13th., hint hint. I'm just kidding, but don't you love how you can customize it to your needs? It's an organizers dream come true.

Clear Deep Drawer Organizers at The Container Store - $4.49 - $7.49

I love using these clear organizers for decluttering drawers of any kind. I like to purchase these ones over these cheap packs on Amazon because you get to choose exactly what you need and find a configuration that works well for you. I also love that they are deep, this is especially useful for junk drawers where you'll be putting multiple things in one container. Plus the quality of the iDesign Deep Drawer Organizers is much higher than anything else I've seen.

Expandable Bamboo Silverware Tray from The Container Store - $29.99

This Bamboo Silverware Tray is my go-to for almost all silverware drawers. I love that it's adjustable so you can make it fit snug in the space to use every square inch, not wasting any space. I love that it's made of environmentally friendly and renewable bamboo. A great eco-friendly choice!

Stackable Bamboo Drawer Organizers from The Container Store - $4.99 - $9.99/ea

Made of environmentally friendly bamboo, these stackable organizers can create a beautiful customized drawer. Stack them on top of each other to double your storage space!

Bamboo Drawer Dividers at The Container Store - $29.99/2 pk.

Use the bamboo dividers to keep your drawers neat and tidy. Great for organizing dishes or cooking utensils.

DIY Custom Spice Drawer from Dwelling.com

Here's another DIY that's just too good not to share! I love I think the time investment is worth it and the finished product looks great!! Click on the link or the photo to see instructions on the original post.

U N D E R T H E S I N K.

I typically find cleaning products, kitchen towels, sponges, cloths, drain cleaner, dishwashing detergent, soap, drain stoppers and other miscellaneous items under the kitchen sink. With an array of stuff like this, it can be tricky to organize. My tip is to categorize items into drawers or baskets. I've listed options below for both routes.

Pull-Out Wire Cabinet Organizer from The Container Store - $19.99 - $29.99

Reach items in the back easily with this pull out drawer system. Combined with some soft natural textures, this will create a beautifully functional space.

Water Hyacinth Storage Bins from The Container Store - $7.99 - $17.99

I absolutely adore these bins. I always find a way to use them in any room, and the kitchen is no different. I love mixing this natural element with metal bins for a modern contrast. These bins are great for storing you kitchen towel + cloths, (dry) sponges, extra soap... or anything you want easy access to.

Under Sink Organizer from The Container Store - $39.99

I chose this organizer to share with you because I love the fact it has two bins to help you divide and conquer. You can also add more bins if you want extra credit, like these ones here.

2-Tier Sliding Organizer from The Container Store - $69.99

This thing is the real deal, y'all! If you can afford the splurge, go for it! I recommend doing one on each side of the pipe if you have a larger space to work with. Having four separate compartments will help you categorize your supplies like a pro! Or pair this with a Water Hyacinth Bin or two for a polished look.

Divided Lazy Susan at The Container Store - $39.99

Another perfect way to organize all the stuff under the sink, is by using a Lazy Susan! I love this extra large, divided one! I like to use it to categorize cleaning supplies. Then I pair it with bins for things like towels, sponges and brushes.

Hinged-Lid Stackable Boxes from The Container Store - $14.99 - $29.99

I like to use these clear stackable bins to store less-used items. They are crystal clear so you can easily see through to see what's inside.

Clear Stackable Drawers from The Container Store - $9.99 - $24.99

These drawers are my go-to tool for organizing under the sink. I use them in my own home, in both my kitchen and my bathroom. They have a Small Shoe Drawer, Large Shoe Drawer, Shirt + Accessories Drawer & Sweater Drawer as well as Dividers. You can choose the size needed to fit on either side of the drain and typically fit one or two under the drain pipes too. I love that there are dividers! They have dividers for the three larger sizes (listed under the product when you scroll down the page in the links above). It helps you keep like things in the same drawer yet you are able to micro-organize into smaller categories. If you have a larger space and are storing heavier items, then I recommend you upgrade to these drawers from The Home Edit and use these smaller bins to micro-organize.

E V E R Y W H E R E.

I like to use liners in every drawer, cabinet and shelf, in every room in the house. They help to keep everything in place, make cleaning up easier and just make the space look prettier. If you're anything like me, you go out and buy matching liners for either your entire room, or in my case, for every single line-able spot in the house...all at one time. The cost for traditional drawer liners can add up, so I've also included links to blogs on how to DIY with traditional wallpaper, fabric and wrapping paper.

Drawer Liners from Bed Bath & Beyond - $9.99

Drawer Liners come in every pattern and color imaginable. They also have different grips, application methods and materials. Find one that works with the space outside the drawer, to create a clean, cohesive look.

Gorilla Grip Drawer Liners from Amazon - $32.99/30ft

Gorilla Grip brand makes drawer liners in fun patterns and colors and the price is right. I love this shade of pink for an unsuspected pop of color in the kitchen!

DIY: Wallpaper Drawer Liners from Simple Nature Decor

Maria at Simple Nature Decor tells us how to use traditional wallpaper to create beautiful, custom drawer liners. The possibilities are endless! Click on the photo or link to see how to recreate this elegant look.

DIY: Fabric Drawer Liners from Renovated Faith

Karin from Renovated Faith gives an easy step by step guide to making affordable liners from fabric. Click on the link or the photo to see her original blog post for more details.

DIY: Wrapping Paper Drawer Liners from Making Home Base

Chelsea from Making Home Base explains how to use wrapping paper as a cheap alternative to traditional liners. Click on the link to go to the post.

I hope you enjoyed the post, I sure enjoyed creating it for you!! I spent a lot of time researching the best products before sharing and using these in my organizing projects with clients or in my own home. I always strive for perfection (even though I know it's just not possible) because I want the best for my clients are readers. I'm hoping this post takes out the guess work and inspires you to get out there and organize an area that is causing you stress in your daily life.

If you liked the information in this post, please leave some love below in the comments, like and share this post! Make sure to follow us so you don't miss the next post in this 10-part series.

As always, thank you for all the love and support!


Angie XOXO



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