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New Year, New You!

I know, I know... it's so cheesy to say that now because the phrase has been so overused. But, this time, you mean it! This is the year you are going to get your house in order so you're not so stressed out all the time! Please, let me give you some pointers to stick to your claims of a clean + tidy household in 2020.

Nothing will change if nothing changes. That means you need to keep your mind open to new ideas, schedules and routines. A new way of doing things. It makes sense, doesn't it? But, in the moment, you will want to revert back to your old ways as soon as something doesn't go quite your way or it's taking longer than expected to get the routines down. Please don't go there, don't go back to your old ways of the cleaning free-for-all. Your house will thank you in the end when you stick to a plan!

Plan, Plan, Plan

Find a routine that works for you, write it down and commit to it! Not everyone cleans the same way so there isn't a one-size-fits-all routine that I can give you. However, there are plenty of schedules and routines on Pinterest and Etsy that appeal to all cleaning types. One person may like to get all the cleaning done in one day so you only have to worry about daily chores during the week, while the next person likes to split things up and clean a little bit every day. If you prefer the latter, Clean Mama is a great source for you. Find a great outline to make your own routines here. Either way, there are plenty of examples to go off of. Find one that fits into your life, one that you actually have a chance of sticking to. Be honest with yourself and assess the time that you have available and are willing to give up to cleaning.

I follow the Clean Mama method in my own house because I do not have a full day to give up to cleaning. Full disclaimer, I do hire my girls to clean my own house any chance that I get!

Ask for Help

You shouldn't be the only one responsible for keeping the house clean. Everyone who lives in the house, who is making messes + creating clutter, should do their part in keeping the household up. If you can create the mess, you can clean it up. Start that routine from a young age. We also have the one toy out at a time rule in our house, which helps a ton! Give everyone clear responsibilities and utilize a family binder and/or a chore chart for younger kiddos.

Reward Yourself

I am a huge believer in rewarding yourself for setting goals and achieving them. Especially when you are trying to change old habits. The saying goes " Old habits die hard" and boy is it true. I'm not here to tell you it's easy to keep an always (almost) presentable household, it takes a lot of energy, time and commitment. However, it is so worth it! Your whole life will seem to make more sense, be less stressful and less chaotic. All the pieces will fall into place!

Once you get your cleaning routine down, you can start working on organizing the behind the scenes stuff like the laundry room, linen closet and pantry. Thats when the real stress sheds off.

Hire Out

If all this seems like too much work, too much commitment or like it will take too much of your ever so precious time, hire out! There's no shame in putting yourself and your family time first. Outsourcing help will give you time to do the projects around the house that have been left unfinished for months. It will give you time to do things with your family and make memories. That is no reason to feel guilty or ashamed! Giving yourself more time to live your life is nothing to feel bad about.

Hiring out does not eliminate the need to clean completely... unless you are blessed enough to hire a live in housekeeper. You will still have to keep up with daily tasks like wiping the kitchen counters, tables and doing the dishes; but, it will give you a total of 6-12+ hours a month (on average) of your life back by hiring a housekeeper. That's a lot of time in my book! That's almost a half hour every single day that you would have spent cleaning or the better part of two of your day off, gone.

Hiring a housekeeper doesn't have to be crazy expensive. Look for a company that tailors their services to their customers needs (LIKE US!) so you only pay for the tasks you want done. Even hiring out once a month can be a huge help to get all those deeper cleaning tasks done and you'll just need to do quick refreshes in between.

No more getting on your hands and knees scrubbing the floors or toilets, doesn't it sound great? Surely, you can find room in your budget for that. Eliminate the gourmet coffee runs or eating out everyday for lunch. Or in my case, take out one Target trip to cover the cost of my cleaners. If you set your mind to it, you can make it work!

If you want a Pinterest worthy house, you gotta work for it (or pay for it), girl! Either route you go with, stick to a consistent daily routine of making the beds, picking up clutter, quickly wiping down all counters + sinks, doing a load of laundry and quick floor clean ups then you'll be set on the path to a clean + tidy home and a clutter free mind.

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Thanks for reading!

Love, Angie




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